Crocodile fights and treasure hunts.

Created by Samantha 2 years ago

its silly really, you didnt even remember these games we used to play.. but for me they are some of the happiest moments of our time spent together. This was way back when you were young enough to hold my hand in public without embarassment, back when you were a little less sassy….

actually thats not accurate at all youve always been sassy! But anyway, you had the most amazing playroom back in queen street (i think!) and when i say we spent HOURS in there Im not exaggerating 😂 you had this huge play kitchen and would spend ages ‘cooking’ cupcakes and presenting them to me insisting that i finish each one with a massive burp at the end 😂 never failed to make you laugh, in fact thats a trait that stuck.. gas is never NOT funny eh Em?! 

But my most treasured memories are the times you would throw yourself onto my back screaming GO GO GO! Faster faster!! Whilst i crawled on my hands and knees pretending to fight away the crocodiles that would catch you and nip at your toes. The high pitched squeals and laughter every time i pinched your toes is etched into my memory forever! 

i remember having this huge vanity box that was filled with makeup for when id come stay to visit you. You LOVED getting your hands into anything that was auntie sammi’s 😂 and i loved it too! Mummy would  worry youd get messy or break something, but it never stopped us did it?! Always getting into mischeif together.
we emptied that vanity box one day and filled it with ‘treasure’ if i remember correctly your ‘treasure’ was some chocolate coins we had bought on our trip to the shops that day with mummy. Your whole face lit up as we fought off the crocodiles and you were rewarded with a chest full of chocolate coins. A magical moment which i will never forget. 

it was during THIS visit that i bonded with you truly and wholely. The sheer magic of your imagination.. your innocence and sense of humour.. your wild side.. the side of you that never grew up. These are the things that i will carry with me always. My wild one.

As you grew older the dynamics of our visits changed! Youd still run to the door each time i arrived, greeting me with one of your tight squeeze hugs, but the crocodiles slowly disappeared, probably decided your toes got too grown and stinky to stick around 😜  as ive watched you grow i have been honoured to share so many memories with you Emica. From the many “auntie sammi come look at this quickly!” Resulting in me sat on your bedroom floor for an hour whilst you ranted about dream smp.. or whatever game you were kicking butt on! Never understanding a word but happy to hear you speak so passionately about something that meant a lot to you. Or the many Shein shopping wishlists we created together for when i sent your next lot of pocket money. The time we spent together changed, but the love between us never did. 

i will always love and treasure you. X

auntie sammie x